Aluminum torque wrenches

Chrome-plating finish strengthens the material hardness and anti-collision.
Designed for industrial work, for example aerospace-, windpower- and automation industries.
Square driver: Chrome-molybdenum alloy steel brings better strength, toughness, stability and life cycle.
The weight of aluminium is extremely lighter than steel. Good for long time operation and heavy industry.
Integrated 3-lever chain mechanism brings length independence, greater sensitivity, high accuracy and a long life cycle.
Loud click sound and strong impulse when reaching required torque.
Dual scales of torque measurement (Nm og ft-lb).
Engraved serial no. for tracing.
Nice-to-hold handgrip enables safe work and less operator fatigue.
Fast and easy torque adjustment with unique ”Quick pull out” crank.
Capacity Nm Item no. Increments Nm Ext. square L mm Weight (kg)
40-200 7212-120051/2”5631,5
110-550 7234-1550103/4”8273,0
140-760 7234-1760103/4”8273,0
200-1000 7234-1001103/4”14133,8
600-1500 7201-1500251”161510,9
750-2000 7201-2000501”237011,7