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Choose your wrench

When using hand tools, using the correct size and type is critical for several reasons:

PRECISION A wrench that fits perfectly ensures that the force is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the fastener, leading to more precise and efficient tightening or loosening.

SECURITY Using the wrong wrench can cause the tool to slip or damage the attachment mechanism, potentially injuring the user or creating hazardous working conditions.

PROTECTION A wrench of the correct size will reduce the risk of stripping or damaging the head of bolts, nuts or screws.

EFFECTIVENESS With the right tools, tasks can be completed faster and with less effort, increasing productivity.

LIFETIME Correct use of tools ensures a longer life for both the tool and the parts it is used on, as it prevents unnecessary wear and tear or damage.

Choosing the correct wrench is therefore essential for a job well done, safety and a long life for both the tool and the parts being worked with.