Item no. 1875-0370

Tool set – 370 tools

Suitable for X-LARGE 7D roller cabinet.
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Combination wrench set
Combination wrench set
Ratchet combination wrench set
Swivel end socket wrench set
1/4” Socket wrench set
1/4” Sockets and socket drivers
3/8” Socket wrench set
1/2” Socket wrench set
1/2” Long sockets
1/2” socket driver set - long
1/2” Socket driver set - long
1/2” Ratchet and accessories
Screwdriver set - slotted
Screwdriver set, Phillips®
Screwdriver set, Torx®
Hexagon key set
Plier set
Plier set
Adjustable wrench set
Bits set
Measuring and cutting tool set
Hammers, chisels and files set
Insulated screwdriver set
Insulated plier set