EURO-profil couplings

EURO-profile couplings are for heavy-duty use and produced in strong and impact-resistant quality materials. Because of an optimized valve system the couplings have a low drop of pressure.
The couplings are pressed together to prevent leaks and have an easy connecting and disconnecting – so easy that it can be done with one hand.
Max. working pressure: 35 bar.
Burst pressure: 150 bar.
Operating temperature: -20°C ~ 60°C
Flow diameter: 7,8 mm
Standard: EURO
Connectable with the following: Cejn 320, Hansen Auto Flo 24, Proquix 1420 and 1421, Legris 94xx A, Oetiker SC Series C, Prevost ESC 07/ERC 07, Rectus-Tema 25, 26 and 1600.
Material: Steel, el. galvanized
Connection Item no. Weight (g)
1/4" (6mm) hose con. 6950-2014106
5/16" (8mm) hose con. 6950-2516110
3/8" (10mm) hose con. 6950-2038107
1/2" (13mm) hose con. 6950-2012110