Item no. 6165-0001

Air Body Saw

Professionel vibration-damped air body saw.
Suitable for cutting metal plates, plastics, aluminium, wood and fiberglass.
14 mm stroke length enables to cut extra thick materials.
Ergonomic soft TPV grip ensures user comfort.
Safety lever prevents accidential starting.
Patented design reduces vibration level by 40%.
Patented plade guard to prevent the metal fillings from entering the inner mechanism.
Supplied with 2 blades (24 and 32 tpi).

Technical data:
Air consumption: 65 L/min.
Air inlet: 1/4”
Air hose: 3/8”
Stroke length: 14 mm
Speed: 10,000 strokes/min.
Sound pressure: 89,2 db (A)
Sound power: 100,2 db (A)
Vibration level: 5,45 m/s²
Recommended air pressure: 6,2 bar.